Alessandra Barlas was 27 years old when she was brutally murdered on October 23, 2015 by her former boyfriend.  It was learned later that her murderer had served time in jail for a domestic violence conviction. Had that information been known or somehow publicly available, Alessandra’s death might have been prevented. Out of this tragedy, The Alessandra Foundation was formed with the stated Cause to promote an environment of truth and public awareness about domestic violence and shine the bright light of Truth on those that perpetrate these horrific acts of violence.

Alessandra’s murder is a tragic example of the need for a different approach in dealing with convicted abusers. Current law does not allow the public to access any type of conviction records.

The Alessandra Foundation is an IRC. 501(c) (3) Public charity and California non-profit corporation.  
Tax I.D. 81-3263288.

Education and Public Awareness

Bringing awareness of domestic violence to the public through educational programs

The Foundation’s stated approach to the Cause is to partner with other like-minded organizations to develop and implement programs designed to educate the community about the horrors of domestic violence and its affects upon families and society as a whole; Work to educate the community about the absolute true value of women and children, the long-lasting generational effects of domestic violence in families; and then, to activate the voice of youth to bring about the changes needed to end all acts of domestic violence in our families.


The Alessandra Advocacy Group, Inc. is a 501(c) (4) nonprofit Public benefit California corporation. 
Tax I.D. 81-3183977

Domestic Abuse in Numbers

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