Those who knew Alessandra are fortunate. Alessandra would light up a room by simply walking in. Looking at her smile made your day better.

Alessandra was passionate about people. She cared for the welfare of those around her, whether she knew them or not. She was a warrior for justice and mercy, and she helped wherever she could, donating much of her time as a volunteer. Alessandra volunteered at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Unit, where she received care following a horrific car accident 2007; and as a Health Ambassador at the Second Harvest Food Bank. In addition, she was a beloved team member at Magianno’s Little Italy, and at Gordon
Biersch, all in San Jose.

After several years working in San Francisco in the advertising industry, Alessandra decided to become a nurse, and, as with everything she set her mind to, pursued her goal with an intense focus. On October 20, 2015, she received her acceptance letter to the nursing program at Samuel Merritt Nursing School, bringing her one step closer to her dream.  

Alessandra’s dream was tragically cut short on October 23, 2015, when she was murdered by her former boyfriend. The name “Alessandra” means “Helper and Defender of Mankind”, and she embodied that idea in every sense of those words. Throughout her life, Alessandra fiercely protected children and those less fortunate. It is in this spirit that two non-profits: The Alessandra Foundation – and The Alessandra Advocacy Group – were formed and are named in her honor.